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Textile physical properties testing


Textile materials generally refer to the general term for textile fibers and yarns and fabrics woven from fibers used in the textile industry




Physical performance testing is one of the important methods to evaluate the quality of textiles and apparel. Many suppliers, buyers and factory laboratories can carry out tests, mainly including fabric structure, fabric performance and strength testing. The fabric structure mainly tests the inherent structural parameters of the textile, and the performance and strength tests are related to the appearance and quality of the clothing people use daily.



Routine physical performance test analysis, test method explanation, test result evaluation.

Brief introduction to fabric structure test: gram weight, yarn count, density, width;

Introduction of fabric performance test: abrasion resistance, anti-pilling property, elastic recovery,waterproof and oil proof, anti-hook;

Introduction of strength test: tensile strength, tear strength, burst strength, seam strength


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