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Why Should We Attach Importance to Furniture Detection

Why Should We Attach Importance to Furniture Detection


Furniture on the market is intermingled with the good and the bad,besides paying attention to price itself, people is one of the most value considerations is the quality of it.


For example,when the child often leans forward or backward in the chair, the stability of the chair will be affected over time, and it is easy to overturn, leading to the child's fall.So why the furniture in this case must have a stable performance.


Not only customers need to ensure the safety and quality of furniture, manufacturers also need to use this to test whether products are qualified. 


Therefore, furniture testing is a very important link, it is also related to the supervision and trade of the whole market.
Furniture testing projects mainly include three aspects:

1,Physical performance testing

2,Reliability testing

3, Environmental protection and safety testing


Among them, the latent danger that causes harm most directly to human body is furniture physical reason tests whether pass muster.


In daily sales, purchasers, distributors, e-commerce platforms, shopping malls and supermarkets, as well as in bidding and evaluation scenarios, will require quality inspection reports.content of furniture is controlled strictly in every national standard.


Like the following:


Office Chair test: Bifmax5.1-2017,EN 1335

Chair Back Static Load Test EN 1728:2012 6.4,

Seat Impact Test EN 1728:2012 6.24

Table Horizontal static load test  EN1730-6.2

Table top fatigue load test BIFMA X5.5-6

Bed frame Vertical static load testEN 1725


After undertaking scientific detection and precise measurement to furniture through furniture testing machine, we can find out the unqualified place that furniture is made, then ability makes furniture to get improvement and sends high quality product further to every customer.

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