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working principle of the tensile testing machine

working principle of the tensile testing machine


The working principle of the tensile testing machine

HAIDA tensile testing machine of the host and assistive devices adopted advanced technology, beautiful appearance, easy operation, stable and reliable performance.The working principle of electronic tensile testing machine is basically by measuring system, driving system, control system, and computer and other structures.


universal testing machine

Deformation of the measuring system

The tensile tester is measured by a deformation measuring device, which is used to measure the deformation of the specimen during the test.

The device has two chucks connected to the photoelectric encoder mounted on the top of the measuring device through a series of transmission mechanisms. When the distance between the two chucks changes, the axis of the photoelectric encoder is rotated, the photoelectric encoder There will be a pulse signal output. And then by the microcontroller to deal with this signal, you can get the deformation of the sample.


Displacement measurement system for beam

The testing principle with the deformation measurement is roughly same, are measured by the photoelectric encoder output pulse number for beam displacement.


Drive System

Universal test machine drive system mainly used for testing machine beam movement, its working principle is controlled by the servo system motor, the motor through the gear box and a series of transmission mechanism to drive the screw rotation, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling the movement of beams. By changing the speed of the motor, the movement speed of the beam can be changed.


tensile test driver

Control System

People through the console can control the operation of the tensile testing machine, through the display can be informed of the state of the test machine and the test parameters, if the machine with a computer, you can also achieve the functions of the computer and data processing analysis, test The result is printed. Test machine with the computer communication between the general use of RS232 serial communication, it is through the computer behind the serial port (COM number) to communicate, this technology is more mature, reliable, easy to use.


Computer host

Used to collect and analyze the data, enter the test interface, the computer will continue to collect a variety of test data, real-time draw the test curve, automatically find the test parameters and output reports.


Simple working principle of tensile test machine 

This universal testing machine is a kind of electric tensile tester which uses the motor to drive ball screw to move fixture. Place the fixture with sample between the upper and lower fixture, use a given speed to pull sample upward by upper fixture. Load cell above upper fixture will sense tensile strength, and convert the strength into voltage sign and output to the display screen. And the strength value will be displayed automatically.

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