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Why iPhone 7 do IPX67 waterproof?

Why iPhone 7 do IPX67 waterproof?


iPhone on the 7 series has finally joined the users of the long-awaited waterproof function, iPhone7 series all support levels of IPX67 waterproof function, users in the case of accidental flooding can no longer worry about it.

IP67 / IP68 is what mean?

Speaking of waterproof rank first let us have a science meaning represented IPXX, IP is a representative before the two digits behind the dustproof performance, also is the ability to keep dust, the highest level to level 6, so see IP6X refers to equipment support to the top ranks of the dustproof performance.

IP behind the last digit number represents the waterproof performance, and it is a total of 8, IPX8 is the highest level of waterproof performance.IPhone support IP67 can deal with most of the scene into the water, the 7 in 1 meters underwater can adhere to 30 minutes.


Mobile phone is how do waterproof?

The most of mobile phone waterproof method is adopted in multiple interfaces to rubber mat, make gap in combination with more closely, at the same time in the speakers and microphone using special waterproof mesh, sound travels to accessibility.The same phone in the factory need to do a lot of strict IPX waterproof test.This requires manufacturers need to configure the IPX waterproof test precision equipment, such as IPX67 waterproof equipment, IPX45 waterproof equipment.

In fact, the IPX waterproof dustproof series has long been used in our daily life, such as computers and computer accessories, LED lights series, mobile phone series, as well as all electronic products.So in the design and manufacture of every detail.To get the love of consumers.


the iPhone 7 IP67 level dust-proof waterproof in daily life is enough to cope with 90 % the accidental water scene.However, the author in this user testing is not recommended his phone waterproof performance, do not easily in the water, one thousand waterproof not done when you buy a mobile phone factory would be easy to fill.Once water means that mobile phone motherboard, motherboard, motherboard will burn something important (three times), mobile phones motherboard is the most expensive parts, maintenance costs are high.



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