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Baby Stroller Selection Method Experts Teach You How To Choose a Stroller

Baby Stroller Selection Method Experts Teach You How To Choose a Stroller


Baby Stroller Selection Method - Experts Teach You How To Choose a Stroller


Every little baby can not be separated from the baby stroller, but it brings convenience to the mummy, to the small baby bring happiness, but also bring some harm. In fact, these injuries can be avoided. As long as mommy knows more about some of the basics, she'll be able to enjoy the baby stroller safely and comfortably.

Buy Baby Stroller Attention Factor

Check with visual and hand touch to see if there are exposed openings in the area of the baby can be reached, whether there are dangerous cracks and sharp edges, sharp corners, burrs.

Avoid the bright cloth, the more brightly added chemical composition more. The fabric part should be able to remove the cleaning to ensure the continuous use of clean and hygienic.

Press down on the brake rod, push forward after a little force, observe whether the brake rod is jumping off, sliding. The brake rods are best marked so that they can be avoided in use.

Front fence:
This is to prevent the baby fall, the best choice removable design, change diapers convenient, and other children when the larger, also can be removed from the guardrail to avoid space too small.

The surface of the paint film is smooth and flat, without spalling, cracking, leaking paint, wrinkle skin and assembling sand grains. Sprayed plastic parts surface coating evenly, can not have threadbare, stains, mixed color defects.

Seat belts:
Belts should include at least one set of belts and a crotch strap. The minimum width of belt and crotch should be 20mm, and the minimum width of the strap should be 15mm.

Folding Device:
repeatedly folded several times to see whether the device is flexible, there is no obstruction to open and close. To prevent the cart from accidentally folding, the folding locking device should take two steps to open to check if the locking device is easily loosened.

Height adjustment device:
The height of the operator is different, taking into account the operator's promotion of comfort, in the position of the hand rod with adjustable height of the device; split bending and telescopic two types, depending on the choice of preferences.

Shockproof Device:
The general baby car is equipped with shockproof function, in order to cope with bumpy road surface, shockproof devices generally installed front wheel group or rear wheel group, in the selection can be placed on the ground, light pressure frame test period flexibility.

If the skeleton is the iron pipe, the weight is usually heavier; To choose a lighter trolley, be sure to pay attention to whether there is a qualified label. The main parts, such as push rod and adjusting lever, should be about 1-1.2 cm in diameter.

Put on the flat ground to see if it can be placed smoothly (the wheel is less than 5mm). Straight line, test whether deviate straight line. Press the "∞" glyph to push a push to see if the wheel rotates flexibly.

The canopy size relates to the shading range, as well as the windproof effect. There are also adjustable direction, high and low sunshade, and Anti-ultraviolet. It is best to have a transparent design on the top of the canopy so that you can visit the baby at any time.

Seat cushion Load After the pressure is not too deep, that is, support force should be enough, otherwise the baby will sit uncomfortable. In addition, in order to protect the young head, you can choose to have a soft design of the headrest cushion.

Small parts:
The baby can be in range, there should be no access to small parts. Non-removable small parts, should not be able to let the baby with fingers or teeth pulled out. In addition to seat belts, there should be no strings, belts and other narrow strips.

In the purchase of stroller, first of all to see the product certification, quality assurance, warranty card, the use of manuals and other documents are complete, there is no security mark. Best to buy in the regular shopping malls.

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