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Battery Cylindrical Cell Sorting Machine

Battery Cylindrical Cell Sorting Machine

15 days after order.
Each set protected with resin fiber and PP film, then put into Strong wooden case with operation manual and video inside.
L/C, D/P, T/T

Battery Cylindrical Cell Sorting Machine

This Sorting machine with very high precision tester of voltage and internal resistance of the cells. This sorting machine has been charaterized with very very stable software with fixed program setting of free maintenance alson free maintenance for main hardware parts. It has 10channels of 10th for defective cells;

 It has also very high working efficiency of 5000 pieces of cell each one hour; what’s more this machine is very easy and high efficient to operate. 


1.2.1 Most safe and reliable:

The machine is equipped with alarm lighting which is with operation parameters set according to customer's actual requirements.

1.2.2 Very easy of program setting through PC battery test software on the cell open-circuited voltage and internal resistance then save it for

next call in of no necessary to set again for the same standard;

1.2.3 the machine operation is very simple that normal workers can master it without professional training.,


1.3 The machine structure:

The equipment structure is very compact and reasonable with beautiful appearance and small footprint.

1.4 the machine adopts PLC + PC control system: the PLC is responsible for the importing of material and material handling and discharging; the PC is responsible for the battery test instrument data collection, voltage resistance for grading separation which is easy to operate with high work efficiency, saving the human cost and good quality;

1.5 the machine required high quality isolation paper sheet of roll and with aluminum profile frame.

1.6 It is equipped with universal moving caster, which can be easily moved when shifting;


2. Equipment technical parameters

2.1 Electricity parameters:

        Working voltage: AC220V 60/50hz

         Power: less than 800W 

         Working gas source: 0.5~ 1.0mpa

          For cell specification: 18650, 26650,32650

          Efficiency: more than 80 PPM

2.2 Size and weight parameters:

       2.2.1 Low equipment weight: about 200

  2.2.2 Size: 1320 (long) x 860 (wide) x 1200 (high) mm

 2.3 Auto-controller parameters:

        2.3.1 Adopting Mitsubishi PLC and panasonic servo motors with brand sensors and other accessories.

        2.3.2 Computer configuration: industrial control machine

2.4High precision tester of precision voltage and resistance

2.4.1 Resistance precision rate: +/ -0.1% RDG, display resolution 0.01 mm

2.4.2 Open circuit voltage: precision +/-0.01% RDG, display resolution 0.1 millivolt


3. Part included in the machine:

Tester: precision voltage resistance and voltage tester with daily schedule

The PC: the industrial control machine

The PLC: Mitsubishi FX-3U series

The Servo: panasonic A6 series

The Sensor: panasonic and omron, Japan

The Guide rail: Taiwan silver

The Bearing: NSK, Japan

The The cylinder: Yadke

The Switching power supply: Taiwan Mingwei


4. Operating environment

4.1 indoor temperature: - 10 to 50 .

4.2 indoor humidity: below 75%.

4.3 Room needed to place the machine: very compact;

4.4 Ambient environment: no strong electromagnetic interference with no pollution.

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