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ISTA Testing New Regulations Released

ISTA Testing New Regulations Released


Amazon ISTA Packaging And Transportation Testing New Regulations Released! Overdue Will Be Fined!

Recently, Amazon has new requirements for packaging and transportation testing. For products sold on the Amazon platform, the products specified must complete the test and get the corresponding test report.

If the specified product fails to complete the test before July 31, 2019, Amazon will impose a fine of USD 1.99 on each retail package; if it is completed between September 17, 2018 and July 31, 2019, For the corresponding report, each retail package is awarded USD1.0.

The Amazon packaging and transportation test is divided into the following three levels, and according to different types of products, it is divided into type A~type H 8 different test plans:

Grade1- Frustration-Free Packaging (FFP)

Grade2- Ships in OwnContainer (SIOC)

Grade3- Prep-FreePackaging (PFP)

Haida International Equipment, a professional manufacturer of paper packaging testing equipment, has extensive experience in testing ISTA; it has helped many large companies and laboratories to customize ISTA testing solutions for more than ten years, we will according to the size, weight and transportation of packaging. Ways to determine the test category of the product, and give professional advice and improvement programs for test products that do not meet the standards.

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