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Characteristics of Temperature and Humidity Aging Testing Room

Characteristics of Temperature and Humidity Aging Testing Room


Constant temperature humidity test room (Include constant temperature humidity testing chamber) is one of Haida Equipment Co., Ltd. flagship product, here's what it's features and advantages:

1, Product Practical & Stable:

After the parts are used in the test market for many years, been widely recognized products, most of which are imported or joint venture products to ensure that the whole product in use stability and resistance to aging.

2, Mature & Advanced Technology:

Advanced, mature technology and equipment, to create a very low failure rate, high stability and good quality products, allowing customers to use the rest assured that with the peace of mind.

3, Use Safe & Reliable:

Constant temperature and humidity environment test chamber is equipped with over-temperature alarm and no fuse for protection switch, high temperature cables, explosion-proof lamp, matching pumping exhaust system, smoke alarms, etc., to adequately protect the security of electronic products and equipment in the surrounding environment.

4, Beautiful Appearance:

Overall design is reasonable, details of the deal properly with a stainless steel outer wrapping, the internal use of the high-quality aluminum rounded edging, beautiful, generous.

5, Environmental Protection, Energy Conservation:

Fully taken into account in the design of the world's environmental and energy situation, in the selection of Spare parts, more reasonable, and fully meet the modern enterprise environmental, energy requirements.

6, Mute:

Selection of high-quality fan assembly, reasonable air circulation system, working condition, the sound will not be great, give the operator a better working environment and production environment.

7, Facilitate Expansion And Relocation:

Engineering equipment and devices are modular structure, more reasonable, easier to operate, and does not result in duplication of construction waste.

8, Free Software Upgrades:

Software upgrades, more convenient, fast, and free.

9, Standard Uniform:

In the system architecture and design principles, the full account of the involved areas related standards, including standards body, electronic and electrical standards. Relevant standards are:

"Low-voltage power distribution design specifications" GB50054-95

"Supply and distribution design specifications" GB5002S2-95

"Grounding electrical equipment installation engineering construction and acceptance" GB50169-92

"Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering Construction Quality Acceptance" GB50243-2002

10, Simple Operation:

Control cabinet design features, the aging process can be fully automated control, aging time, temperature, various operation switches can operate in a controlled electrical cabinet, cabinet panel design beautiful, simple operation.

11, Management And Strong:

With a certain degree of complexity, with products for aging room requirements continue to increase, the management must increasingly onerous task. Therefore, in the design process, we must consider the future management of, such as: a single load can be removed, load capacity of adjustability, power system scalability, control system integration, management of the aging room implement the most user-friendly design.

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