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High temperature insulated cable wire-heat testing

High temperature insulated cable wire-heat testing


High temperature insulated cable wire-heat testing 

High-temperature insulated wire and cable There are many different materials, such as pvc wire and cable, pvc is a cheap, simple process materials, XLPE electrical insulation performance is very superior, good mechanical properties and heat resistance, XLP wire and cable structure comparison Simple, easy to manufacture.

General wire and cable are made of plastic and rubber insulation, but in some chemical or steel industries need some high temperature wire and cable, so as to ensure the safe operation of electricity and signals. High temperature environment work of the wire and cable to maintain the normal work in high temperature environment, signal and power transmission will not be affected, to ensure that the cable has a longer life. This type of wire and cable is the most common type of high temperature wire and cable, easy to understand the use of performance.

Increased high temperature wire and cable, the high temperature wire and cable work the higher the temperature, the cable through the current capacity is greater, such as aircraft and cars, such as the use of relatively wide, very good performance.

Want to choose high-temperature wire and cable, we must first understand these products, high-temperature wire and cable have different types, different types of applications different areas.

Constant temperature and humidity testing machine and hot and cold impact testing machine is mainly used for a variety of materials, heat and cold environment, the physical performance. Detection temperature is very wide.