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impact strength of packaging testing equipment

impact strength of packaging testing equipment

15 days after order.
Each set protected with resin fiber and PP film, then put into Strong wooden case with operation manual and video inside.
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Usage :

Incline impact tester is simulated the impact strength of packaging in the real circumstance of transport . Slope impact test machine is apply to the pile up of goods , slide of electromechanical , loading of the engine , transportation of product . This product is also can supply as the test machine to scientific research institution , college , packaging technique test centre , packaging material manufacture and foreign trade or transport department .

Functions :

1 . Flexible location motor-driven pulley . It is easy to fix and achieve the velocity change .

2 . The height of slope is relatively low so that is benefit of fix the specimen ; strong impact resistance board , guarantee the fastness of the structure .

3 . The pulley can be adjusted to horizontal in order to fix the specimen for customer . The angular adjustment can be driven by cylinder which is flexible and convenience .

4 . In order to keep the test staff completely safe the tester support remote control operating .

5 . The customer only need to fix the machine on the ground when stalling , no other complicated operation convenient for test .

Design standard

Test standard : ISTA-1E

Explanation :

1 . Power : The battery main switch

2 . Stop : Stop test

3 . Start : Press this button to start the test ( it will be automatic stop when get the test times )

4 . up & down : Press UP or DOWN to adjust the rolling carriage up and down , the max . angle of rolling carriage with base is 15°

5 . Counter : Setting the test times

6 . Speed display : To display the velocity during test ( m/s ) , and will automatic reset for another test

7 . Time display : To display time during test ( s )

8 . Speeder : set the different frequency to change the impact velocity .


Specification for type 16

Covers an area of ( length x width of 5500 x 1630 mm

Sliding length 1800 mm

The striking plate height of 1630 x 2400 mm

Block ( 1600 X1000 mm wide and X long )

Remark : customer should equip the air-compressor by themselves

Usage of counter

: press this button to choose the each digit and adjust the value

▲ :press this button to set the value of each digit ( 0~9 )

RESET : reset the value

MODE : test mode ( can be remain same )

Equipment installation

1 . Power : AC 380V±10% , 50/60HZ make sure power wire connection is normal and make instrument connect ground well .


Danger :

■Input voltage tolerance is ±10% , and ensure the machine should be properly grounded to prevent damage to the machine leakage .

2 , environmental requirements : room temperature 0~55℃ and relative humidity < 80%RH ;

3 , the instrument shall be placed on the stable and solid and level stage .

Operation instruction

Test step :

1 . Connect the inlet air tube and air compressor and open air compressor

2 . Power on and turn on power switch the light will be bright

3 . Put the packaged product located in a central position and then put the pallet which has packaged products close to impact surface ( as picture A ) ; if the size of product package is same as pallet , the product should be vertical close to impact surface ( as picture B )

                 (picture A)                                                 (picture B)

4 . Press up to make the rolling carriage rise to squareto condition with impact surface or rise a certain angle in accord with customer’s requirement .

5 . Let the rolling carriage which has packaged product try the test and to determine whether need adjust the acceleration or not , and then adjust the slide distance , when reach the request velocity , now it will display the test velocity & test time on velocity display and time display

6 . Setting the test times cycle in counter

7 . Press start to start the test , and also will display the test velocity & test time on velocity display and time display

8 . The tester will automatic stop when finish the setting times

9 . Press down button to make rolling carriage drop to the parallel position with base ; and then take down the samples to check the condition after impact test

10 . Make the test in accord with the step 2~8 and record the all test result

11 . Turn off air compressor and power switch after finishing test


  1. Clean : Keep instrument clean at any time .

  2. Antirust : Spray antirust oil on the instrument one time regularly .

  3. Engine oil : Refuel lubricant oil on the moving parts of the instrument regularly ( choose regular engine oil is ok ) .

Quality guarantee

A ) Quality assurance items

The guarantee period with FOC within one year ( not including nonexpendable & transport and travel fees )

  1. During the guarantee period , Haida shall supply free maintenance or replacement for the damaged part ( just for nonexpendable part ) induced by non-human damage ;

  2. If any quality problems occurs within the guarantee period , and Haida must provide on-site service , the transport and travel expense shall be borne by customer ;

  3. If any big quality problems occurs out of the guarantee period , Haida will provide a maintain service , the transport and travel expense shall be borne by customer , also charge for a favorable price ;

  4. Haida will provide a lifetime favorable price to the buyer with the materials and spare parts used in system operation , equipment maintenance ;

B ) The main quality warranty maintenance certificate

If there is any dispute please refer to our guarantee letter , so :

① please keep the guarantee letter , if you lost it , please connect with us in a month .

② If the guarantee letter has been altered or it has no our stamp , it is useless .

C ) The following conditions need to be paid reasonably even in the assurance period :

① Natural reasons

② Operating mistakes

③ Voltage is not fit for our operation instruction

④ Repack it without our guides

⑤ Damaged for borrowing to others

⑥ Damaged for authorized machine modification

⑦ Damaged for authorized calibration

⑧ Authorized transshipment mistake

⑨ Serve for long distance area

D ) Attentions

① Any service outside Guangdong , China , transport and travel fees shall be paid by customer .

② The apparatus try not to be used in the following situations :

a . Vibration , rocking the occasion .

b . Direct sunlight .

c . Hot , dusty , damp places .

d . To ensure safe , AC supply of the machine should be well grounded .

e . Do not use strong solvents ( such as : benzene , nitro oil ) washing machine .

f . Do not inject water and debris into the machine ; prevent damage to electrical components and electrical shock .

g . Instrument displays the disassembly and debugging can only be measured by the State Department approved the units and the company , other people not allowed to overhaul .

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