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SATA High Temperature RDT Chip Test Aging Chamber

SATA High Temperature RDT Chip Test Aging Chamber

15 days after order.
Each set protected with resin fiber and PP film, then put into Strong wooden case with operation manual and video inside.
L/C, D/P, T/T

SATA High Temperature RDT Chip Test Aging Chamber

Control methods and features:

1、Performance: Balanced temperature control system (BTC), PID control SSR, so that the system of

The heat addition is equal to the heat loss, so it can be used stably for a long time.

2、Temperature range: RT+15℃~100℃

3、Temperature fluctuation:±0.5℃

4、Temperature uniformity:±2℃

5Rate of temperature rise: 5/min (Room temperature ~ 100℃±2)

6Time setting: 0~999H can be set arbitrarily

Machine sheet metal construction:

1Material of the inner box: SUS # 304 stainless steel plate

2Outer box material: cold-rolled steel plate, galvanized and anti-rust treatment, with high-grade resin baking paint coating

3Insulation material: hard imported rock wool (Cecil 120K rock wool)

4. Heater: finned heat sink tubular stainless steel heater (Taiwan Taizhan nickel-chromium alloy wire)

Air supply circulation system:

1Circulating motor 2 sets (Taiwan high-temperature motor)

2Diameter Ø19 extended stainless steel shaft length 180mm

310.5-inch multi-wing type high-temperature resistant wind wheel (special customized by the famous factory)

4Adjustable side blowing air outlet and return air outlet with a protection net

Circuit control systems:

1Temperature controller: original Taiwan LCD temperature controller

2Screen display function: temperature setting (SV) and actual (PV) value directly displayed

3Sensor: high precision Taiwan Songqi PT100 type temperature sensor

4Temperature control: The output power is calculated by a microcomputer to achieve a high precision control effect

5Timing function: 0-999H/M/S. With long time timing, constant temperature timing, the untimed selection switch and automatic stop function when time is up

Safety protection devices:

1Temperature over temperature protection function

2Motor over-current protection

3Machine leakage protection

4Machine phase failure protection

5Fault not removed machine alarm

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