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LED lighting reliability test standard and test projects

LED lighting reliability test standard and test projects


       LED lighting reliability test standard and test projects

LED lamps as a new generation of light, is gradually replacing the traditional energy-saving lamp market, but the reliability of the detection LED lamps, but also with the traditional lamp is very different, and can not follow the test methods of the traditional lamp. So, how to detect the reliability of LED lamps do? How to effectively improve the service life of LED luminaire design and protection?

LED lamps detection reliability standards:

GB / T 2423 series, GJB 150 series, GB / T 5170 series, GB / T10586-2006, IEC68-2-14, GJB367.2-87, GB / T 2424 series, IEC68-2-1, IEC68-2- 1, GB / T10125-1997, GB10593.2-1990, GB / T16585-1996, GB14522-93, GB / T16422.3-97, GB7000.1-2007, GB12085.6-89, IEC60068-2-68, GB4208, IEC60529, GB / T4942.1, IEC60034-5, ISO 20653 and other industry standards and customer-defined criteria.

LED lighting reliability test items Content:

1. High Temperature Test

2. Low temperature test

3. Thermal Shock Test

4. Constant temperature and humidity test

5. The rapid temperature change test

6. Salt Spray Test

7.UV UV accelerated aging test

8. rain test

9. Dust Test

10. The mechanical vibration test

11. Mechanical Shock Test


Salt spray test machine                 temperature and humid chamber              Thermal Shock Chambers



IPX3 / 4 rain chamber                         UV accelerated aging test machine                 xenon lamp aging test machine 


   dust test chamber

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