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Mattress Test -- Haida Mattress Test Equipment

Mattress Test -- Haida Mattress Test Equipment


Mattress Test--Mattress Test Standards

Mattress tester            

Mattress Test

Haida Mattress Test is the source of all mattress test requirements, including flammability and performance testing. In Haida mattress Test Rig Manufacturing, we developed mattress testing equipment based on the latest mattress testing facility and mattress testing standards in the market, providing mattress testing services and household product testing equipment, including safety testing, to mattresses manufacturers and inspection agencies.Performance testing, equipment installation, equipment commissioning, free testing software system superior, free testing skills training.

Mattress Test Standard:

ASTM F 1566

EN 1957

ASTM D 3574

Type of mattress test service.


Firm ratings

Firmness remains and surface deformation.


Impact test


Indentation Force deflection

Constant deflection compression test.

Tensile test

Tear test

Furniture Test Haida Equipment--not only can provide mattress test equipment, but also can provide a complete set of furniture products performance testing equipment, providing ANSI/BIFMA furniture testing, as well as UL, ASTM, NFPA...

mattress tester                

cornell mattress fatigue test machine

 Cornell Type Tester is used to test the long term capacity of bedding to resist cyclic loading

mattress tester                

Mattress Roller Durability Test Machine

Mattress Durability Tester has been manufactured to determine the durability of any type of mattress and box spring unit, regardless of the materials of construction...

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